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After the Upper Gauley rafting trip split ways with the group and headed down to the Outer Banks. Home base was my friend's house a block from the beach in Waves, NC but were pretty much all over hatteras island every day.

Arrived there Monday and had good wind Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday it got nutty and blew around 50mph. Jason Slezak and Sam Bell sessioned the big surf that's tops were being peeled back. Sat and watched these guys kill it overpowered on 6M kites. Check out the video that Bryan Elkus put together.

September Nor'easter - Youtube - Bryan Elkus film and edit.

Wind backed off for a brief session Thursday. Friday was a kicker slider session on the sound. Then saturday we all drove our cars a mile out to the point of hatteras island "the cove" for a surf session. Super glassy shoulder high waves. Felt like being at a college football tailgate without the football.

*Thanks to Ryan Wykoff and Bryan Elkus for the good photos.