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2009 Liquid Force Havoc 32009 Liquid Force Havoc 3

These kites arrived last fall and have been riding them since. Both the 16M and 12M. These are sweet. Been riding the Havoc line since they came out in 2007. The Hav 3 improves slightly over the 2008 model. It relaunches slightly better. I find it better for unhooked as you can pull it out of the wind window easier. The construction is noticeably better. The kites have slightly more bar pressure than Hav2's which is nice to be able to feel the the position of the kite within the wind window. Kite specific, the 16M pulls like a truck. If you can't get going on one of these, its not worth riding anyways. It also has great depower, you won't get blown off this kite right when it picks up. The 12M is fast and also has great depower. These 2 kites together make a great quiver for the midwest when the super honking days are few and far in between. Smaller and new riders might want to size down to the 10 and 14.





2009 Liquid Force WLF 145

2009 Liquid Force WLF 145

I'm glad to have a big board back in my quiver. The WLF is a good one. Very light for a board this big, even with bindings on. The board rides fairly flat but you can still dig in and hold it down when the wind is up. Most likely due to the massive 2" fins they send with it. I will probably size down to 1.5" fins. Will update when I get a feel for them. Also, haven't tested in light light wind for a low end yet.

As for performance, it is a high performance big board. Much better than anything else this large I've ridden. It has great pop for wakestyle. The big surprise to me was the low swing weight. Could still ollie 360 on it which was a surprise. Normally anything 140 or up I have problems getting the board around. Not with this one. I'd recommend it to a beginner that is looking for a board they can progress with and advanced riders looking for a big board to fill the quiver. The large area makes a great landing pad for learning new tricks.




2009 Liquid Force Synergy Bindings

2009 Liquid Force Synergy Bindings

There was a big improvement from the Escalade bindings to this year's new Synergy's. Notably, the heel hold down that is on the inside. Keeps your foot from moving around and in place. The foot pad is cushy. As for the internal material, it isn't the slick foam anymore, LF has incorporated a slick fabric liner over the foam. Still super easy to get the foot into but more comfort. The front tongue flap nests much better and easier that wraps around your lower leg. The boot is still flexible enough to steez it out. One oversight is the lack of a front handle in my opinion. Those always help getting them on, not too bad though. The laces are easy to tighten and wrench your foot down. Sweet boot. Big ups over the Escalade.

Mounting these requires a slight assembly of the plate. It incorporates a stiff toe to heel piece that is screwed directly into the binding. Reduces any toe or heel lift from the board when edging hard. Gives a more direct feeling.




2009 Liquid Force Comp Harness


2009 Liquid Force Comp Harness

Comfy. Doesn't rub into your sides like the 2008 Luxury Harness. Quick release is solid and doesn't trip when not wanted. The harness feels good. Fits solid to the lower back. The back of it provides good support to keep your back from aching while riding. The spreader bar stays where it should, low and centered even when the kite is at 12 o'clock. Riding toeside, it spins easily to the side (very nice).







2009 LF Concept 139

2009 Liquid Force Concept 139

Nice improvements from the 2008 model. The new concept is much more flexy than its predecessor. This board is fast, and maneuverable, it feels a size smaller than a 139 and after riding this guy, I don't think I'll ride anything smaller than a 139 (note I'm 6'3" 200 lbs). If you're riding bindings with a wide stance you need extra width and length to keep from subbing the board. People switching styles should size up their wakestyle boards because of this reason. The pop is about the same as the 2008, but the ride is much smoother. On a non performance note, the fin screws are counter sunk into the board, so no more screw heads sticking up with plastic washers. Better look, more consistent fin mounting.

Overall, still haven't ridden the grind, influence or recoil lines. From what I know of them. The concept is the best all around board. Influence for flat water, great pop, pure wake but will work in waves breaking with flats, not as fun in chop. Concept great for flat and impressive in chop, good wakestyle but sacrifice some pop. Recoil is the flat rocker chop buster, fly up wind, probably the most appealing to non binding riders.



Liquid Force 2009 Concept Grind2009 Liquid Force Concept Grind 139

I'm patiently awaiting this to hit my doorstep. Will review when I get some time on it.












2008 Liquid Force Hi-Fi2008 Liquid Force Hi-Fi 9M

I haven't had a small kite in my quiver for years and got this one for a steal. Love going back to a C-Kite. Really enjoy it for wakestyle and in high winds. It will not replace or convert me away from the Havocs just yet, but was stoked to ride it. More bar pressure decreases session time. Relaunches fine, as any 9M should when its that windy. Great wakestyle pop.






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