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Gnar Guy

Great Lakes Gnar Report 4-5-09 - Two Great Lakes acts of Gnar came in this past week as the spring time gales pushed through the region.



Superior Barrel


#1) Check out this Big 'ol Barrel on Lake Superior. Click on the photo to see it in all its greatness. John Hatcher was dropped into this bomber. Photo was by Bob Tema found on the Lake Superior Surf Club website.


It is a FAKE, A FARCE, and tricked me good. I even read the thread and didn't think anything of it. Then looking back I saw, yes, it was posted on April Fools Day. Even noticed how the spray looked a little odd and didn't put it together. I'm an idiot. Thanks Dave for setting me straight!! The next Great Lakes Gnar Report will go through at least some fact checking! Until then....do something stupid and tell me about it!


#2) Award goes to Naish rider Sam Medysky for kiting Lake Ontario without a wetsuit. 40 degree water and 40 degree air. He must have had Black Tail on his mind to power him through that session! Check out the photo by David Tran HERE.