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cabarete bound
Counting down the days until this Friday to make the journey to Cabarete on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. Here is Cabarete on Google Maps satellite view to see exactly where we will be. The picture above is the Kite Club rigging area and that will be main base for mast of the windy times (hopefully often). The wind usually picks up in the afternoon there and blows till dusk.
brugal rum

That leaves the morning for hangover recovery / surfing. About 3 miles West of Kite Club on Kite Beach is the surf break, Encuentro. Since the wind doesn't pick up till later, the break stays pretty clean throughout the morning. Here is a link to the swells and winds of Cabarete if you want to look into what the conditions are down there. (If it is anything like last year, the forecasts are completely unreliable.)

Should be a good time. Our group will be of five people to Rampage the island. Mike P, of Ontario is already down there and is staying for six weeks. He should have a pretty good lay of the land by the time we get there so that will be helpful.

Will be staying at Ali's Surf Camp a pretty good bargain at just over 40 bucks a person per night including breakfast and dinner. Good breakfast and dinner too. We got one of the apartements so we'll have a home base in the morning and evening.

Also as of today, I'm still planning on bringing my computer and camera gear. Figure, I'll already have a couple grand in kite gear down there, whats a few more in camera gear. Will just have to pick the days to take it to the beach and have someone keep it while out riding.

extreme help
A competition will be going on there during our stay.  Masters of the Ocean - is a triathlon of the sea.  The athletes will be competing in Windsurfing, Surfing and Kiteboarding.  They all do their thing then crown the champ on the day we are leaving.  Old windsurfers have a leg up as it is the least still practiced discipline. 
SKYPE me if you want to check in on us pre-gaming for the night or waking up in the morn. Will try to keep a bit of a travel journal going, but might be difficult depending on the internet / schedule.