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Luke on Sandusky Bay

This weekend Luke Wark and I headed out for a snow kite session.


We scoped a couple fields just south of Sandusky. The first one had decent exposure and good snow but the wind was light. So checked out a spot that had better exposure and plenty of snow but the wind was really light. That was pretty frustrating as the night before it was calling for 20-30 mph. Ended up taking one more stab at it and headed across the bridge to Dempsy's access.




Blind Riding


Dempsy's access (google map) is a boat launch on the north side of Sandusky Bay. The wind felt just as light but figured if a kite would fly it would be good enough to get a pull on the hard pack over the ice. Ended up being pretty sweet. Not juiced but the temps were in the upper 30's and was comfortable riding in a sweatshirt as the sun was a shining.


We took turns riding and taking some photos. The first is Luke cruising with the sun poking in. The second one sliding unhooked n backwards. Click them to head to my flickr and browse the others from that day.


Luke fired off some sequence shots of a roll to revert. Caught the same sequence from different angles. Didn't feel like splicing them all together in an image so turned them into animated .gifs. Check them out. Click the pics below.

Roll to Revert 1

Roll to Revert 2


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