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 Troubleshooting Pink Photomatix Pictures



Snowy Element

Are your photos turning out pink when creating an HDR in Photomatix?


Luckily there is an easy fix.


I was shooting with a Canon 40D and using Photomatix 2.5.1. Both of those seem to be the root of the problem. After a few trials each time a HDR was generated, the entire image would turn out with a pink hue. At first, I thought this was a normal output because it was a cloudy day when I was shooting and just masked out the pink in the first image in photoshop.


Snowy Element w/o Pink


Steps to fix the problem.

1. Upgrade to Photomatix 3.0

Photomatix 2.5.1 is flawed when importing RAW images that were taken with certain Canon cameras. Although the 40D has this problem, some other models have not experienced the issue. The sensor in the camera isn't compatiblewith the program.


2. Convert your files before importing.

Don't want to shell out the dough for the latest version of Photomatix? You can easily convert your RAW files into compatible file formats such as .jpg or .tiff BEFORE importing them into Photomatix. I used Digital Photo Professional that came bundled with Canon's camera software. Once converted, import them into photomatix and manipulate the photos as usual.

That should do the trick!