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Best of Everest LogoThe Rest of Everest Video Podcast: This is by far the best adventure podcast out there.

The Rest of Everest follows an American mountaineer, Ben Clark, on his quest to be one of the youngest (in 2003) American to summit Everest. The cool thing about the podcast is that its an offshoot of a movie, Everest: The Other Side.


Basically, a group of 3 guys went to Tibet to film Ben's quest and turn it into a movie. After the movie was released, the producer has been releasing almost all of his footage from the entire 2 month expedition. It really shows what is involved in the life and logistics of trying to climb Mount Everest. Way more stuff goes into it than you ever would have thought.  Watching the Sherpas work is particularly interesting.


I've heard many stories and watched different documentaries about Everest but none of them do the mountain justice.  Some end up being over the top painting Everest as killer that constantly kills climbers while others make it seem if you can walk you can summit.  In actuality success is largely about weather conditions coming together, preparedness, patience and respect for the mountain.   


There are currently over 90 episodes released each is about 15-20 minutes long. They are all edited and the different from the people from the video pieces call in and talk about what is going on. It is nice to have their points of view of what happened a few years after they had been there.


Watch the first episode (zero) to get the gist of what it is all about. Subscribe to the podcast via the link below on itunes.


Also, on Zune Marketplace or via the Rest of Everest website: