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Waterfall Jump Spot

 Huck Yourself Off a Waterfall

About a 45 minute drive from Rincon are some waterfalls just outside San Sabastian.  We had to sneak around some barbed wire then a 20 minute hike to get to the first fall.  This is the one in the picture.  A small pool of cool mountain water felt good after the hike.  Then the jumps started.

It was probably 30-40 feet to the water.  The height wasn't the problem, it was the rock ledge at the bottom.  It stuck out about 6 feet from where the jump ledge was located so a good push was a must.  Not sure how deep it is but never hit the bottom.  Click the photo to get a grasp of the height.

The pool is filled with little fish that seemed to enjoy cold cut sandwiches.  We hung out here for some time then took another 30 minute hike to a larger fall.  We couldn't jump off this one but it was awesome to look at.

The falls are probably the highlight of the trip.  Ryan gives tours from the Mango Beach Shop across from Sandy Beach. Or, find a local to give some detail directions because its hard to find in the middle of nowhere.



 Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

 Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and Playa Sucia

About an hour drive from Rincon on the southwest point of the island is the lighthouse.  It is a state park so it maintains hours when you can go inside and climb to the roof.  Pretty nice.  But not alone worth the trip.  

All around the lighthouse are some gigantic cliffs that drop right down to the blue water below.  Plenty of area to hike around the cliffs.  No guard rails here, one bad step and splat.

Playa Sucia can be seen from the lighthouse.  It is a horseshoe shaped beach nestled among all of the cliffs.  Perfect white sand and a crazy color of Carribean water that is hard to describe.  The whole beach is lined with trees to shade the sun.  Nice to hang out there but it gets busy on the weekends and afternoons.  Go early to avoid the crowd.




Ryan Raley


Two options here.  Flat water or Waves.

The best flat water spot can be found an hour south of Rincon at the mangroves offshore from La Parguera.  Snag a boat from town and head out to the flats nestled behind the mangroves.  The wind blows over the tops of them so when you're not riding you're not getting blasted the whole time.  If its not blowing take a snorkel around the groves.  Plenty of fish to see.  Stick around for the night time to catch a tour of the phosphorescent bay.

Looking for waves?  If there's wind, kite right on Sandy Beach.  Plenty of room and good waves to slash up.  If there's no wind in Rincon head up to Shacks by Isabela.  Both spots have plenty of room and there was never anyone else out so no need to worry about crowds.


Tres Palmas Sunset




Catch a Sunset

This is an obvious one.  Get a beach view or head up the hill to watch it go down from some height.