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Lifeguard on Duty

Edgewater Park Kite Session


It was another one of those Ohio days where the wind was up from the morning and I'm sitting at work hoping it stays up enough to get some riding in afterwards.


The wind started shifting pretty east which kept the wind offshore and quite gusty.  On the outside the wind remained strong and brought in some decent waves along with a crap load of surfers.  The sun was out and was probably the last non wetsuit day of the year.


Fun time out on the beach!











Decapitating Waves

 Joel Hageman Slashing Up a Lake Erie Wave

There is so much joy in hauling out toward a wave, seeing its about to break, switch to toeside, crank the kite around and throw up as big of a wall as you can.  Is it wave riding?  No.  Is it fun?  Hell yeah!





Mike Photos From the Rocks

Mike Loufman taking some photos from the rocks.

Mike was standing out on the rocks taking pics of Don.  I thought it turned out as a decent shot.