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Da Train

Headed down an hour south of Cleveland to do some mountain biking with some friends.  We hit up Vultures Knob first.  The Knob is a solid cross country ridin trails.  They are working on some more freeride stuff including a downhill section, but that won't be ready for another month or two.  Well I was late getting there so I only did 5 miles with my buddies before they had to split.


Mike Dombi and myself decided to explore the Wooster, Ohio trails a bit further and came across Apple Creek Trails in Apple Creek, Ohio. Located these online and decided to explore them in person.  It just happened that the guy who owns the land and the local crew were there ripping it.


As my bike was falling apart and these jumps were freakin intimidating for a freshy outside dirt jumper like myself.  Spent half the time there taking pics of these guys.  Then played with them in photoshop quite a bit to try to gain some processing skillz.


They posted the pics up on the trails website. Check em out. More photos on my flickr.


Jump B&W


Trying my Best