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_MG_5941Mentor Headlands Gales - Spingtime gale force winds stir up Lake Erie.


The forecast was for sunshine and a light wind to turn to westerly gales then back to calm by Sunday. That led to planning a survival training session at the sandbar in Sandusky. We were only going to take the essentials and see where that would lead us. I hit the road Saturday morning to embark on this mission. When I got to Dusky, the gales had already turned on. The bay was completely white with 4-5 foot waves breaking over the causeway.


That led to the smartest decision of the weekend. Bag the survival training idea. So after an hour drive there my car was turned around and heading home. What fun! Ended up driving east of the city to Mentor Headlands where they were reporting getting blown off 7M already. At that point I was going to be pretty upset if I drove 4 hours to session a spot 45 mins away to find out that it was TOO WINDY to kite.


Upon arrival the beach was sandblasting anyone that stood on the beach in the windline. Front Rolling Through Luckily the wind started backing down as a front started to move through. Rigged the 9M and put the new Synergy's on a Concept 139 that just hit the mailbox a few days earlier. I was pretty nuked and pretty much just carved up the shore pound, sent some jumps and some hooked in stuff. It was a good session and Lake Erie is finally warming up enough that it is no longer uncomfortable. The wetsuit will be shed soon!



When I came in there was word that they had to take one of the kiters to the hospital, never good news. Diggin In 3 Thankfully, he just needed stitches in his finger and it wasn't anything more serious. One of the guys that was out got down winded a bit. He came in to try to self land his kite because there wasn't anyone downwind to catch it and too windy to walk it back in the air. He let it go of the bar and the kite was just attached on the fifth line. It was flapping around quite a bit so he decided to grab a steering line and haul it in so it would just be flagging out on one line and hopefully not pulling as much. A gust came when he was doing this and cut his finger pretty deep. 11 stitches in one finger. Not sure if he got the line wrapped around his finger or it slipped through really fast. Either way, sucks for him and gave everyone another safety wake up call.


Dingle Dangle Boost Sesh

Sunday hit up a bike ride and stumbled across some sick bmx and mountain bike jumps. The bmx line is sick five 10 ft jumps all linked. Downside is they are all separate take offs and landings with a giant gap in the middle, so if you mess up you aren't going to be feeling well. I didn't have any padding or helmet so didn't push anything. They are really well hidden. Will session and snag some photos soon.