Joel Hageman dot com - Athlete Profile - Blog - News - Reviews - Gnar Official site of Joel Hageman featuring kiteboarding, photography and adventure. Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:52:18 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Active Tourism Some people go on vacation to relax.  Increasingly, people are using their time away from work to experience new activities.  A new service,, is facilitating adventure and allowing people to share their passion with interested participants.


Hibala is all about spreading adventure and making it easier for tourists to actually do interesting things.  Often one will go on vacation with all hopes of exploring a new area to be confronted with the standard hotel gondola full of tourist pamphlets.  The problem is, these activities are focused on pumping as many people through the activity as possible driving more profit.  The root culture of the activity or experience is stripped away by bored tour guides and pre-set itineraries.  


Now individuals can create experiences which are unique and personal.  They can share these experiences with like-minded people who want to do something truly memorable.  For example, say you go to the mountains for a white water rafting adventure.  You pick your campground, sign up for the boat and leisurely float down the river in a huge 100+ person group.  The beauty and thrill of the ride is diluted by the shear number of other people.


Say you have one more day to explore the area.  You can search the site to find alternate adventures.  One bored tour guide may offer to guide you and your friends on a 'secret' trail to a little known waterfall swimming hole or have a nightly bonfire.  Now you are truly plugged into the local scene and feel what it is like to live in a remote mountain area.  These experiences are often more memorable than the original goal of whitewater rafting.  The starving tour guide makes some extra spending cash and you see or do things few other 'tourists' have the opportunity to explore.


It seems like a cool service which I am excited to try! 

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Paragliding Makarska Croatia Paraglide Makarska

Paragliding Makarska Croatia

Makarska, Croatia is an absolute beautiful place to visit.  One of the highlights of a recent visit there was the opportunity to paraglide from the rugged mountains down to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.  Here is an overview of the launches, landings and general guide to Makarska itself. 


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Cubicle Freedom Cubicle Freedom

Cubicle Freedom - Life Outside the Box

One Big Adventure.  After working the same engineering job for 8 years a major change was due.  Money was saved, the job was transferred to a freelance role and plane tickets were purchased.  First stop, Bali, Indonesia.  Afterwards will be seeing where the wind and the waves take us.

To follow along, click the link above or head over to .  There you can sign up to receive updates from the road less traveled.  Including spots to visit, ways to free yourself and how to start your own adventure.  Cheers!  ~JH 

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Snowboarding Loveland Pass: A Backcountry Guide Loveland Pass

Snowboarding Loveland Pass: A Backcountry Guide

Loveland Pass is located off Route 6 in central Colorado.  The pass crosses the Continental Divide and is commonly used by people traveling to A-Basin Ski Resort.  It is also a popular destination for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.  I had the opportunity to snowboard the pass and would like to share what I learned to others looking to do the same.


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Top 10 Things to Do in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Cabarete Thumbnail

Top Ten Things to Do in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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 Things To Do Around Rincon, Puerto Rico

After the adventures time to recap what went down.Things To Do Around Rincon, Puerto Rico

Headed down for some Carribean adventures.  Here's a brief look at what went down.  Hit me up in the comments if you need more info.

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2009 Liquid Force Kite Gear Review 2009 WLF with Synergy2009 Liquid Force Kite Gear -

First time the no-wind new gear curse didn't hit this year. Sweet.


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 I created a video that does not let me play it after embedding the link on Facebook. 


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NPX Assassin 5/4/3 Wetsuit Review Season Opener

NPX Assassin 5/4/3 Wetsuit Review 

Ooooo that hotcell insulation is so warm.  NPX got it right with this one.  A wetsuit which is thin and warm works great for kiting.  I'm the type of person that goes from full wetsuit to boardies so I needed something that would get me from icemelt to 60 degree water.  Lake Erie warms up so fast once the seasons change might as well skip out on owning a steamer, a thin full suit and a shorty before going balls out.  In previous seasons the extra cold season was missed because the old 4/3's just were not up for the icy waters.  After a year of use, these are the things that really stand out about the NPX 5/4/3 Assassin:
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Pre Memorial Day Pre Memorial Day


Just a couple quick videos.  Both are shaky shaky shaky so bounce your head up and down to watch them to avoid the nausea.

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